Key Point: Some resell companies do not offer a valid warranty on ultrasounds.

The Ultrasound Trader

The Ultrasound Trader’s Seller Guide

Understanding Your Competition & the Market

Your main competition to selling your system on your own is the pre-owned ultrasound dealer. There are numerous ultrasound dealers out there, only a small handful of them specialize in ultrasounds and an even small group would be considered quality companies with an impeccable reputation. Here are some points to understand how these dealers work.

• Except for the few high end companies, dealers source their equipment from anywhere they can. Their systems may have seen very heavy and rough use in a hospital or may have had light to moderate use in a physician’s office.

• Almost all dealers offer a short term (30, 60 or 90 day) warranty. In almost every case these warranties are not underwritten but are more likely a wish and a hope that nothing goes wrong.

• Dealers understand the systems that they have in stock. They have identified and pulled off the system configurations and can tell any potential customer that calls what options are included with each system.

• The ultrasound market is very fluid and technology changes very rapidly. Not quite as bad as the personal computer (PC) market, the ultrasound technology continues to advance every year, making older systems lose significant value over relatively few years.