The purpose of “Ultrasound Autism Connection?” is to bring attention to the possibility of a connection between prenatal ultrasounds and autism spectrum disease. The goals are to increase research and funding for research and to strengthen regulations and regulation enforcement.

The website www.ultrasound-autism.com is primarily a repository, a place to refer people seeking information on the topic.

We welcome your input and questions. Please contact us at info@ultrasound-autism.org

SITE DEVELOPER – Parrish Hirasaki

I am a mechanical engineering with a BSME from Duke University, an MSME from the University of Houston and decades of engineering experience. Although I worked on both the Apollo and Space Shuttle vehicles, I am not a rocket scientist. I have a more pertinent expertise. I am a thermal specialist. I also have years of experience with industrial instrumentation including electronic calibrators.

Thankfully, my interest in this topic is not because of any personal connection to autism. It is because of my understanding of the technology and my awareness of the parallel timelines of prenatal ultrasound usage and increases in autism spectrum disorder.

As a scientist, I feel I have discovered something important. Not acting on it keeps me awake at night. It turns out that others have also come to the same conclusion. Their documents and websites are in this database. Many have been frustrated in their attempts to get action. I plan both to build on their efforts and to pursue additional avenues.