Key Point: Ultrasound-induced temperature increase is a probable cause of autism.

Autism prevalence time trends, risk factors & prenatal ultrasound


Caroline Rodgers. Presentation to the US Department of Health & Human Services, Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee, July 7, 2012.

The link is to the slides. This is an excerpt of the verbal presentation:

“Since thermal intrusions on the fetal environment of any kind increase the risk of having a child with autism, prenatal ultrasound is the likeliest cause of the autism epidemic. It is time that this possibility, which has been ignored by the scientific community with the exception of two studies – a prospective Australian study that no longer applies to ultrasound applications common today and a more recent American study found to have metric questions that remain unanswered – is given the attention it deserves.

“If thermal intrusions on the fetal environment are causing autism,

. . . The de novo copy number variations associated with autism may be artifacts of heat-related changes

. .. . It may explain regressive autism, since in utero thermal damage to heat-shock proteins or mitochondria could leave critical cells defenseless during the high fever that sometimes follows vaccinations

. . . It may shed light on why some people with autism have a decrease in symptoms during fever episodes

. . . Since male and female brains develop in different sequences, it might explain gender-related differences in autism prevalence”