Key Point: Prenatal exposure to ultrasound impaired brain function in mice.


Effect of Fetal Exposure to Ultrasound on the Behavior of the Adult Mouse


P. Uma Devi, R. Suresh and M.P. Hande.  Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, India. Radiation Research 141, 314-317 (1995)


Pregnant Swiss albino mice were exposed to diagnostic ultrasound at fetal imaging intensities for 10, 20 or 30 minutes on day 14.5 of gestation. Sham-exposed controls were studied for comparison. Any changes in physiological reflexes, postnatal mortality and changes in adult behavior were recorded. No change was observed in the physiological reflexes. The postnatal survival was also not affected significantly by the exposure. However, there were significant alterations in behavior in all three exposed groups as revealed by the decreased locomotor and exploratory activity and the increase in the number of trials needed for learning. These results indicate that ultrasound exposure during the early fetal period can impair brain function in the adult mouse.